Coordinating with architects in designing structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans to ensure properly working systems minimising any future failures. 

Evaluation and exploration of alternate methods and materials to reduce cost.

Preparation of pre-construction cost estimates during design development to help forecast costs and meet budget objectives.


Subcontractor Contract Approval Process

ACG has built a reputation with contractors, which are clearly defined and tailor made for each trade. This ensures that all subcontractors perform to the level of Australian standards. Clients receive an outline of all subcontractor fees with the scope of works detailed. 


Project Management

We offer graph scheduling which effectively charts the progress of construction on a daily basis, allowing constant management updates throughout all phases of construction. Graph scheduling helps Project Managers and clients identify and secure materials that require long lead times, helping meet schedule requirements.

ACG recognises that our clients time is extremely valuable, which is why we provide online graph scheduling, progress photos and budgets for clients with time or location concerns.


Client Communication

Weekly progress reports are available to clients outlining completed work and the work scheduled for the upcoming week. We also hold weekly onsite client meetings with the architect and project manager to review ongoing progress.


Quality Control

ACG prides itself on providing the highest level of quality in the homes that we build. Our Project Managers continually monitor the quality of contractors work to ensure the workmanship meets our standards.



ACG has all the appropriate insurances certificates and maintains that all subcontractors are current.


Post-Construction Services

Post-construction services include:

• A detailed walkthrough and analysis to ensure our clients are satisfied with each area of construction.

• A complete list of recommended maintenance items is prepared prior to move in.

• Warranty booklets are organized and explained in detail to the client.

• All builders are required to guarantee against structural defects for six years , here at ACG we will provide direct contact to the trades and the project manager who were assigned to your build.